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Chabwino's intention is to bring every financial contribution directly to the people through very direct projects. Every month we calculate whether we can once again fulfill the hopes of a better life for hundreds of people in Malawi.
We are therefore very grateful to all benefactors, large and small. You too can help us make our goals possible! For our part, we can only promise you hand on heart that we will continue to work honestly and correctly with your support. As a token of our gratitude, we will provide you with an overview of what will be achieved with your contribution. We assure you eternal gratitude from the children and parents of the school Chabwera.


You can support us financially in 3 ways

By making a one-off donation or a monthly payment (without a tax certificate) via:

Chabwino vzw on the account number BE59 7370 5341 6226 stating "Support"

By making a tax-deductible donation of at least €40 via:

King Baudouin Foundation:
click here

By making your purchases via

Trooper is an online platform that allows associations to earn an extra penny (without any additional costs!)

 It's very simple:

1) Go to
2) Look up Chabwino vzw
3) Place your order

Every financial contribution is of great significance to Chabwino.
Thanks to your support, we can (hopefully) achieve the following:

 1 euro = about 1100 kwatcha

vork en mes.png

1 euro

Give 1 meal to 1 child for 1 week


2 euro

Plant and protect fruit trees


3 euro

Donate a stove "cleaner cooking"

vork en mes.png

4 euro

Give 1 meal to 1 child for 1 month


10 euro

Donate 1 children's sweater

vork en mes.png

10 euro

Give 1 meal to 5 children for 14 days


12 euro

Donate 1 high chair


15 euro

Pay the monthly wage of 1 cook

vork en mes.png

20 euro

Give 1 meal to 1 child for half a school year


20 euro

Give 1 meal to 1 child for half a school year


25 euro

Donate 1 table/bench


30 euro

Donate 1 balance bike

vork en mes.png

40 euro

Give 1 meal to 1 child during 1 school year


40 euro

Pay the wages of 1 teacher for 2 months


50 euro

Donate 1 normal children's bicycle


100 euro

Fund the purchase of new cookware and cutlery


150 euro

Fund the purchase of educational materials for 120 children


150 euro

Donate 1 sewing machine

vork en mes.png

200 euro

Give 1 meal to 5 children during 1 school year


250 euro

Donate a toy (seesaw)


250 euro

Pay for the purchase of 1 rainwater collector (1000L)


425 euro

Fund the purchase and installation of 1 solar panel (including batteries) and inverter

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