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Who are we?

Karine Haerinck


In Malawi they call me Karini. Professionally I am a nurse. For more than 30 years I worked as a head of nursing in the DVC H. Hart in Deinze. I am currently the team leader of the physiotherapy service.
In 2010 I spent 7 months in Malawi as a volunteer to start an agricultural project and a food bank in the remote villages of Zomba. Since then I have been going back there every year for follow-up and management of an ever-expanding project. I like the fieldwork in Malawi. Searching together with the local population how to make their world more livable: giving preschoolers a good start, supporting the least fortunate, working and striving for better irrigation and harvesting, and helping to develop economic activities in order to reduce grinding poverty and alleviate hunger.
... all this can only be realized with the help and trust of many devoted volunteers…

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Evelien Marlier


Works at Imec as a project manager.
In 2010, Evelien went to Malawi for the first time as a volunteer and gave class in a local school. Since then, the country and the project have been close to her heart. Together with the other volunteers, she hopes to be able to realize the expansion of the school and to ensure education for the children in the villages.

Mathieu Marlier


Profession: Researcher and passionate lecturer at the International University of Health, Exercise and Sport in Luxembourg.
Expertise: creating capacity building and collaboration
Life vision: For many years looking to bring people together, and to build bridges, to enjoy oneself and let others enjoy.
Why Chabwino? Chabwino works in a sustainable and holistic way (through education, agriculture and health care) with the people of Malawi. This has been proven by the organization for 10 years. Based on this conviction, I hope to be able to contribute to Chabwino's mission.

Jolanta Tihomirova

Board member

Born in Latvia, but currently living in Belgium. Before moving here, I lived and worked in a few European countries while working in the logistics sector. 


Chabwino inspired me as we focus on what makes sense for the people instead of defining what is the problem from 1000 miles away. From my personal experiences, I know that it is not always about not having resources or funds, it is also about changing mindset about those resources, so I am excited to support people in that journey!

Jasper Vekeman

Board member

Studied history and economics and is a freelance journalist for the Flemish Federation of Investors and Trends magazine. He is also a volunteer at Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. He is committed to Chabwino because he cares about the project and the people behind it and because he believes that Chabwino makes a difference for the people of Malawi.

Matthias Cleenewerck

Board member

Has a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences and is currently primarily active as a freelance consultant for innovative companies. His intrinsic motivation is to contribute to projects and ventures that have a tangible impact on a positive world. Avid traveler and creative centipede. Chabwino's holistic approach was an instant match for him, as was the team's boundless dedication and determination to make a difference in Malawi.

There is an event team (Nelly, Peter and Roland) that helps to expand the activities. There is an advisory team that provides support with advice and action on the substantive operation and the design of films, pamphlets and cards.
Annie volunteers to help with sewing and knitting for the school in Malawi and Eric helps with the bookkeeping.
Website is managed by Johannes Teerlinck

Vrijwilligers en studenten

Wij kunnen altijd vrijwilligers gebruiken voor advies, voor het realiseren van activiteiten, om deel te nemen aan overleg en onze mondiale werking, voor een werkbezoek Malawi, voor fundraising, voor communicatie en mediavoering, en voor nog veel meer.


Altijd WELKOM!!

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