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In August 2023, these enthusiastic engineers will travel to Malawi for Chabwino!

We (Bram, David, Hanne & Manon)  are very excited to work this year on our Humasol project in collaboration with the Belgian vzw Chabwino. This summer we have the opportunity to explore the beautifull country Malawi and help 9 small villages to install solar panels and build cooking stoves.

Besides that we also have the freedom to work on some other side projects to address local

obstacles such as creating an economic and circular mindset, become less dependent on fertilizers, expand the food diversification and the lack of leisure activities for young Malawian people.  As a diverse team of 4 with different backgrounds we hope to create some added value for the local people and together with them bring this project to a good end.

After having a first contact with our local partner who is very supportive and flexible, we are thrilled to start the project and contribute to Chabwino’s commitment to sustainable development for the poorest in Malawi.


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